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The Pre-Premier Seasons

The Consecutive Promotions

The Liebherr Era - ‘A Time of Ambition’


League One 2010-11

So, this was Promotion Year One and Saints were pipped to the Champions spot by Brighton, with Peterborough winning the Play-Offs. It is worth stating that Peterborough, managed by the odious Son-Of-Ferguson, finished no less than 13 points behind Saints in fourth spot.

Gus Poyet, the Brighton manager did his best to be totally odious and his team seemed to have become a reflection of his moaning, humourless, niggling persona. Have a read of Herbie's report of the home match against Brighton to catch a flavour of how they were.

I think it fair to say that Saints were viewed as the 'Manchester City' of League One, with plenty of money to spend. There was a certain amount of truth in that, but the games still had to be won. Which they were, but there was a slight residual annoyance that Brighton had pipped Saints to that top spot.

Whatever, Saints were on the comeback trail and the five year plan was on course.


Championship 2011-12

This was Promotion Year Two and was more than Saints fans were expecting. This was not supposed to happen, it was only year three of the five year plan to return to the Premier League after all.

Yet again Saints were pipped to the top spot by a team that we all thought were not as good. Reading came on a fantastic run of form at the end of the season, which included a humiliating defeat of Saints at St.Mary's. The margin of victory at the end of the season was but one point. So, that loss at St. Mary's was game changing. Even a draw would have seen the title go to Saints, with a vastly superior goal difference.

West Ham won the Play-Off, which was fair enough, as they had finished the season in third spot. You had the feeling that if they did get promoted back to the Premier League at the first attempt, then they would be equipped to survive.

Saints were back in the Premier League, after a seven year absence. Ye Hi!

The Cups

The Cups 2010–11 and 2012-13

These pages cover Saints League Cup and FA Cup campaigns during the two promotion years. Let’s just say that the priority in each season was always the League.

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Rickie Lambert celebrating with the crowd at St.Mary’s

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Nigel Adkins, Manager for both Promotion Seasons