Millwall 1

  • Henderson 86

Southampton 1

  • Lambert 31
Ref: East

Saints Let It Slip

Well, that was something that Saints might well have done without. A draw, which means another mid-week game.

This was a very different line up for Saints after the débâcle of the Leicester game. Adkins utilised fringe players, as he has done in the other Cup games this season, while giving new and returning players a chance.

Bart was in goal again, Richardson returning at right back, Harding at left back, the increasingly impressive Martin at centre half with Fox alongside him in an emergency stop gap role. How much of an emergency this was could be gauged from the fact that Jaidi was on the bench and he hasn't played since Methuselah was a boy.

The midfield quartet showed similar changes. On the right was Puncheon (and that was something I never thought I would see again), with De Ridder on the left. In the middle were Hammond and young Ben Reeves.

Up front were the returning Lambert (Hoo-flaming-ray!) and another long term absentee in Lee Barnard.

So, a different team and a different performance from the Leicester game.

Saints patched up team performed well for most of the match. Bart was in good form in goal, Puncheon looked effective, Reeves impressed and Rickie Lambert was back and on form. The latter scored a wonderful headed goal after half an hour, with the much maligned Harding providing the cross. Then having controlled the match
without managing a second goal, they switched off for the last fifteen minutes and allowed Millwall back in to fashion an equaliser with less than five minutes left.

Our 'impact' players coming on were Holmes (utterly ineffective), Shaw (not able to show much in just over ten minutes) and Lee (making his debut. Looked promising)

I am not sure that much was learned from Lee Barnard's game, as he was so obviously rusty. More games will improve him and Saints promotion prospects.

Nigel Adkins, talking about Rickie Lambert said :

"We have missed him the last three games and there were other massive positives for us. Lee Barnard has been out for a hell of a long time and he played an hour.

Jason Puncheon has rejoined us and worked very hard for 75 minutes before we replaced him with Luke Shaw - a 16-year-old from our youth team.

We gave our younger players a chance and we have players who have been out injured for a long time who are close to coming back to fitness."

So, Saints now have to do the business for the entire 90 minutes of the replay at St.Mary's to get through to the next round.

channonite 29.01.2012

Published 29.01.2012

Budweiser FACup

Saturday, 28th Jan 2012
The New Den


01 Forde
03 Craig
16 Barron
18 Ward
21 Smith
06 Trotter
14 Henry (Hackett 66)
15 Feeney
26 Abdou
07 Henderson
37 Kane (N'Guessan 66)
13 Allsopp
12 Hackett
44 Wright
09 Marquis
22 N'Guessan


21 Bialkowski (booked)
02 Richardson
03 Harding
13 Fox
16 Martin
28 Reeves
14 Hammond
33 De Ridder (Holmes 60)
42 Puncheon (Shaw 77)
07 Lambert
09 Barnard (Lee 62)
01 Davis
15 Jaidi
32 Stephens
34 Shaw
24 Holmes
30 Ward-Prowse
19 Lee