jpt final 2010

The Johnstone's Paint Trophy 2010

The trophy may not mean much in the general scheme of things, but it will always have a place in the hearts of Saints supporters. The game represented such a huge swing in the fortunes of the club and little did we know that it was also the last big occasion that Marcus Liebherr was to attend

JPT Final - Match Highlights

Interviews with MOTM, Rickie Lambert and Adam Lallana

After the match, trophy presentation, interviews

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Most of the pictures on this page are mine, with a selection from Tone as well. If anyone has any more of the day they would like to share, then please let me know


We won!
Waiting to go to Wembley on Denham Station
Saints end of Wembley
Empty spaces at the Carlisle end
Saints end is full
No empty seat to be seen
The teams take to the pitch
The teams line up for the presentations
Saints are 2-0 up at half time
and 4-0 up at 70 minutes
Full time. Won 4-1. Celebrate!
The winners have been presented with the trophy
Saints fans celebrate long after the final whistle
Lap of honour by the Saints players



Lambert, 15’

Lallana, 44’

Papa Waigo, 50’

Antonio, 60’



Madine, 84’

Attendance : 73,476

Southampton had suffered two relegations and been placed into administration in the last five years, but this game, played on a sunny day at the new Wembley stadium, will encourage the fans to believe that the good times were only just around the corner.

Although the club was only in the first year of a five year plan by Marcus Leibherr and Nicola Cortese, winning a trophy could do the cause no harm at all.

Of the 73,000 fans in the stadium, approximately 44,000 were Saints fans enjoying the return from the dead this season and the promise of more to come. The league table only had Carlisle and Southampton one place apart, but the difference in quality and performance was considerably more than that. Saints scored four but could and indeed should have had more.

What was pleasing was the convincing manner in which Saints won their first major trophy since the FA Cup in 1976.

From the moment the Man of the Match, Rickie Lambert, converted a penalty for handball in the 15th minute, there was never really any doubt which side would ultimately prevail.

One of the lasting memories of the day was Marcus Leibherr snapping pictures with his compact camera, just like so many of the Saints fans that day. That was the moment the big man entered the hearts of the fans. He was one of them.

Happy Days!

Channonite, October 2011

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